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#2 College ROCKS

January 7, 2008


College is the best time of your life.

You keep hearing people say this, but as a college kid, you always wonder, are they demented, stupid or simply amnesiac? Because I AM in the midst of my freshman year and I don’t see anything fun about it.

Well, after being nearly 2 months out of college for semester break, I am proud to reiterate that clichéd line “College IS the best time of my life!” I keep stumbling upon articles nowadays about people who complained endlessly after how post-college life sucks, how the burden of being a REAL adult sets in, and you start to earn your own keep, try to balance between not getting fired and maintaining a civil relationship with your boy/girlfriend, you desperately try to pay off college loans and start saving up for marriage and kids….the list goes on. Sounds scary already, doesn’t it?

So, the logical thing for me (and YOU the college kid) to do should be to put yourself out there and enjoy the best ride of your life right? Unfortunately, the heart and the mind are willing, but the folks aren’t. It’s like a catch-22 sitch here. As long as you are in college, somehow your parents treat you like a child, yet college is technically a sort of training for you to become an actual adult, yet it is the very thing that prevents you from making the decisions and doing the things that you could and should as a training adult. What’s the deal with that? (If you do have parents who don’t give a rat’s ass about your curfew, or the fact you stumble into the house at 5am pissed drunk –also provided if you do live at home — or that you never call or go home for dinner every other weekend — for the dorm-stayer, then good for you.) The question now is, to do or not to do? (Don’t ask, do what?)

My take: Don’t regret any decisions you make, and whatever you feel like doing, brace yourself, put on safety gear if you have to (risk looking like a dork, though) and take the leap! Because these are the things you look back when you are 30 and say “Wow, I did that, and I’m really proud of myself.”

That said, partying heavily doesn’t really count, because which part of being a real adult does that fall under? College is hardly excuse for being a drunk-dialing booze-guzzling jerk. But neither should anyone flash their As (not their B-oobs) in anyone’s faces as a form of yay-I’m-a-nerd-so-I-win sign of victorious protest against people who actually embraced fun and joy.

To end off, a few pet peeves and things to love and treasure when it comes to college:
Pet Peeves-
#1 – 8am lecture/tutorial slots
#2 – People who won’t shut up about their grades
#3 – Having to eat the same damned things in the canteen
#4 – Irresponsible project group mates
#5 – People who are simply insensitive and don’t keep their comments to themselves

Things to Love About College (as of now)
#1 Friends, new and old
#2 Interesting classes (and best of all you get to choose — not like there’re alot to choose from, still CHOICE ROCKS!)
#3 Intelligent conversations
#4 Peaceful moments in the library
#5 Cute exchange students (You can look but don’t touch)

Make your own lists today and learn to appreciate. And that, is probably the best lesson you should walk away from college with.

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