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The Skinny on Being Skinny

January 7, 2008

You won’t believe how much flak I’ve been getting for being (NOTE: naturally) skinny. (My folks are lean in their youth as well.) I have been on average around the same weight for the past 4 years. I do eat and, contrary to what people think, I don’t count calories. I love to walk (a lot) and I hate the idea of having to eat fast food. And guess what, I don’t care if people feel like killing me after I say this, but I really don’t mind packing on a couple more pounds but I just CAN’T no matter how hard I tried. Just today, I made an attempt to eat more than I should, that is, stuff myself after I’m sufficiently satiated, and my mom stared at me as though I just got back from Survivor.

Unlike a lot of people out there, I don’t have a habit of eating to the point where I can’t eat anymore; that is simply unhealthy. And that, if I even as much as utter it, will come out bordering on politically incorrect, because a skinny person like me should eat to the point where I feel mildly nauseous from overeating, instead of holding back and denying myself of a ‘full meal’. You know what; by stopping yourself from eating just as you feel sated is the healthy way of eating. And healthy is what matters most, not that I’m exceptionally healthy either, but I try.

And you’d think skinny is good because most attractive people come off as svelte and toned rather than round and chunky. Of course I’m not saying people should all go starve themselves sick to lose a bit of weight. (Even I don’t do that as much as I look the part.) I don’t smoke or drink, I do my fair bit of exercise and I probably eat more veggies than half of the population so I don’t care if I look emaciated to you.

For the record, I am not complaining. I shouldn’t be, because I’m grateful for what I have. And everyone should. Life’s too short to watch every bite! 😉

I found this article How To Gain 10 Pounds that (SHOCK!) teaches you how to put on weight so I thought I’d share, if you intend to embark on this project.

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  1. girleatstoast permalink
    June 27, 2010 7:55 PM

    Hey 🙂 I just found this post through searching ‘being skinny’ in the wordpress search. So glad I came across this. I know what it’s like to have people judge me for being skinny (yes, naturally too!!) I’m glad there was atleast one positive article on wordpress for being skinny. Yay for being healthy hehe.

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