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#5 Boys Who Smoke & The Photocopying Machine

January 27, 2008

There is something strangely sexy yet awfully disgusting about boys who smoke. I have a thing for them, but yet I find it horribly abhorring and it just goes against everything I lived for. Just the other day, I was rushing for my German lecture and I had to walk past what is dubbed The Dungeon – ‘cause it’s dark, it’s in a hidden location where people with no business there wouldn’t walk past and it’s engulfed in fag haze. It’s those kind of places where you can get murdered and nobody will know for days. Lo and behold, I walked past my eye candy (he better not read this blog) with his posse of queer-looking friends and they were all puffing away like there’s no tomorrow. (I have heard so much about it but it’s the first time I actually see it.) So I had to make a dash for it so my hair doesn’t smell like I went to the pub or something, his friend blew a cloud of smoke in my direction and they laughed when I ducked to avoid the ominous-looking dark mist snaking out from his fag. And I realized I have to do the same thing for at least the next 20 or so lectures unless I acquire the skill of teleportation straight into my lecture room.

It is probably embarrassing to admit but hey, I am writing about my freshman life, and this fits the freshie profile perfectly well. The photocopying machine, I must say, is an intriguing machine. I worked in admin for 2 months before and I still sadly haven’t fully discovered all the functions of it. So I was desperately trying to photocopy some books at the library (shh, I didn’t copy the whole book) and wanted to fit 2 pages in one to save $ and it just couldn’t. So being the noob I am, I was struggling to nudge the book so that the words could fit into a page – wasting more paper than I would use if I just copied it page by page. And the nice photocopier repairman came along and told me I could just shrink the pages and zap it horizontally. I could have crawled into a hole at that point, but strangely I didn’t feel all that mortified, ‘cause I was overwhelmed with gratitude…at least I found out now, not later.

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  1. January 27, 2008 6:43 PM

    I’m “old,” well not really, but I’m older. I’ve lived through the smoke filled bars, and dated some smokey women… Anyway, all I see today is (future) dead people.

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