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The Benchmark Jeans

February 3, 2008


Every girl has a pair of these somewhere in her closet. The benchmark jeans. The jeans you wear to check to see if you have gained or lost weight.

I discovered mine today. My bathroom scale was broken. Some people said I’ve gotten a little flesh around my arms, my dad said I lost a couple pounds again. So what I did was go to my closet, rummage a little, and dig out that pair of jeans that at the point of purchase I could barely squeeze in. Yet I bought it because at that point in time, one, I was dating this guy with superb fashion judgment which I could hardly ignore, and two, I look like Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston rolled into one (at least just my legs) when I wore them. I struggled a little to get into them, but to my surprise, they slip on easily and snugly. Voila. The verdict: Oh no,  I’ve lost weight!

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