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Music, not Love, Makes The World Go Round

February 17, 2008

I can say that love at first sight has never really happened to me, in the case of making new friends, that is. I mean, can you blame me for being too careful for protecting myself from potential friend heartbreak? How many times have you encountered the situation where you meet someone whom you think would make a great friend (he/she is funny, easy to talk to, has the same breed of dog as you and happens to be reading the same book) and later you found out another aspect of the person which only proved to be sorely disappointing for you?

Fret not, my not-so-dear (see I’m not going to call you a dear, yet) friend! Because we are going to throw preconceived expectations out of the window, and forget about love between friends, and settle for an easier, perhaps less stressful, way of determining if the person you just met is likely to be a possibly good friend of yours, or not.

Let’s get to the point. I’m talking about MUSIC. Asking the person you just met what kind of music they listen to is by far the easiest and least intrusive way of finding out if he or she is right for you. Despite all protests against stereotypes on personality based on choice of music, you have to agree with me that most of the time, this is the most accurate gauge, as opposed to dressing sense (which actually depends on their musical tastes sometimes) or their job/field of study.

How many times have you met someone and say, discovered you both love Scrabble (yippee) and decide to play the game every Tuesday evening? Now, recall how many times have you met someone and say, discovered you both have the entire Bon Jovi CD collection, or are great fans of Led Zeppelin, and forgot all about everyone around you and your well-preserved composure and started jumping up and down in joy? Finally, someone with the same impeccable tastes in music as you! Instantly, a strong sense of respect swells inside you for this new friend. Somebody worth talking to.

This, I say, of course is based on the general fact that most (if not all) people think their favourite music is the BEST in the whole wide world. (‘Of course, rock music rocks. *duh* Only shallow losers listen to pop!’ or ‘Smart people listen to classical. Those who don’t just simply can’t appreciate good music.*haughty sniff*’)

So when you meet someone who does like the same music as you, it feels almost like you just ran into a member of your musically superior elite brotherhood, very much like a long-lost friend, and start sobbing into each other’s arms…and at that magical moment, voilà, a bond is born!

Who says you need love to be friends? Music, music is all it takes.

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