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#8 Shut Up During Lectures, Thank You

February 24, 2008

Everybody talks during lectures at some point in time. I mean it’s inevitable, if you need to clarify a point, or you want to borrow a pen. It’s fine, as long as you keep it short and QUIET. Like, nobody else except the two persons having the sotto voce conversation should be able to tell the exact contents of your conversation.

People do even annoying and appalling stuff in lectures. I am speaking up for all the people who have suffered at their expense. The following are some of the atrocities witnessed.

6. Talking about What to Eat For Lunch
Who cares? It’s just lunch. Some people don’t even get to eat it. And nobody really cares anyway.

5. Discussing About What to Do After School
You can discuss this after the lecture is over. Period.

4. Saving Seats For The Imaginary Friend
There ARE people like that. I watch them sometimes. They say the seat is taken but no-one came even till the end of the lecture. I didn’t know invisible people exist. Or is it the latest college trend to have an imaginary friend?

3. Gossip! (Omg, the nerve)
If you want to catch up on gossip, you may do it outside. And the enclosed environment of a lecture theatre is not exactly the best place to trade juicy gossip because it will spread like wildfire. Unless you meant for it to happen…

2. Watch Youtube Videos
This is disrespectful and ridiculous. I don’t think anyone should even be watching Youtube videos at all, except if you are catching up on the week’s TV. But do it at home, or in the library with your earphones on.

1. EAT…a full meal.
It’s fine to munch on a muffin or sip on your coffee. We are all hungry. But eating a full meal? Complete with fork and spoon and a whole packet of fish and chips or rice and a drink at the side? Simply outrageous. The smell permeates the air surrounding you and some people actually find that it stinks. And the sound of you chewing is distracting.

So people, if you wanna do any of the above things, there are better places, really.

Unless, if you are cute and unbelievably hot, you can stay and do your thing. After all, it is a welcomed distraction.

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