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When Skinny Gets The Slag

February 24, 2008

From supermodels to the genetically-blessed, the skinny gets the slag. Like, all the time. People have press conferences about it. People have health talkshows about it. People write books about it. People talk endlessly, sometimes even begrudgingly, about it. My suggestion: Get a life. It is like talking about how blondes get golden hair and why the rest of us have to get that shiny hair colour from a bottle. You either have it or you have to pay to get it, isn’t everything in life about that?

They look like they don’t eat.
Confession: They sometimes don’t. Truth: They eat the rest of the time, just like anybody else.

I believe there are other things about people that deserve attention. How about people on the other extreme end of skinny? I don’t see people walking up to fat people and telling them, “Hey, you should eat LESS.”, the way they walk up to skinny people, guiltlessly and nonchalantly, saying “Hey you should eat MORE.” Maybe a fat person packs more punch than a skinny person, so you decide to put down someone you have a better chance against.

Lifestyle choices are personal. Personal = part of one’s privacy. You don’t walk around asking random people if you can take a peek into their houses. Being skinny is a lifestyle choice. It’s more likely that they watch what they eat, they do regular exercise and they consciously monitor their growth (read: weight) than starve themselves sick on purpose as most people like to think. And people who don’t do all this, look at this and feel sorely offended, as if all these were done in SPITE of them. Like a silent display of moral superiority in exercising self control. Like a protest against all the slag against them. Again, get a life. They do it because it feels good. They don’t care if your idea of feeling good is pigging out on the couch with a pack of chips watching E.R reruns. But they do care when you start slagging them off just because you wish you could be more like them. Do something, do something ELSE, and stop staring.

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