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30 Things To Do Now So You Won’t Regret In 20 Years’ Time

February 25, 2008

Inspired and imagined.

30. Use a moisturizer.

29. Study harder.

28. Love your sister/brother. Before they move across the ocean and you see them once every year in the holidays and you miss having someone to talk to in the dark when you can’t sleep.

27. Take life less seriously, and rock out with your **** out.

26. Fall in love with a jerk. Your first love was a pig, but you enjoyed the experience anyway.

 25. Aim high. ’cause you will sink to the depths of hell in 20 years if you don’t.

24. Keep writing. Write a lot. And by write I don’t mean your college papers schpapers. JOURNALS, POEMS, STORIES.

23. Learn all the things you want to. Scuba-dive, ice-skate, fly a plane. Slowly, though. If not you won’t get them right anyway.

22. Make more friends instead of spending a lot of time with one or two.

21. Wear sunscreen and stop tanning. (Oops!)

20. Save money and go travelling.

19. Work in strange, odd jobs. Just for the fun of it.

18. Study abroad.

17. Date different types of people. You will appreciate it, especially after you get married. (Hmmm…)
16. Settle for less pay and more fun. A 9-to-5 job IS sucky. (I know that already! :D)

15. Let your hair be. No torturing it with dyes, straighteners or curlers. Au naturel it is.

14. Dance like no one’s watching in public.

13.  Ignore the overachievers. They will read this list when they are 40, and realize why they missed this post of mine!

12. Play a musical instrument.

11. Have meaningful conversations till 4am with interesting people.

10. Learn a foreign language. Ca va? Como estas? Wie geht’s? Ni hao ma?

9. Watch more TV! You won’t get to watch any next time..

8. Read more. Especially those thick classics…you won’t be bothered to crack them open until retirement.

7. Make out in a cinema theater and have people say ‘Get a room’ in your face.

6. Enjoy hanging out with your current friends, ’cause you WILL make new ones and forget these in time. 

 5. Start exercising. If you exercise 3 times a week now, step it up. You won’t exercise even ONCE in a month in 5 years, let alone 20.

4. Date that guy already. He will be your best friend by then, if you are not already married to him. *wink*

3. Spend more time with your grandpa and grandma.

2. Talk to your mom more, ask your dad about fixing a pipe or an old-time story.

1. Be yourself, and love yourself. Any time, any day, any moment.

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