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Cashmere Mafia: Packs More Punch than Desperate Housewives & SATC

February 29, 2008


(Is it me, or are their poses eerily similar? )

Cashmere Mafia (top), a less dramatic and sexed-up version of Desperate Housewives and Sex & The City (bottom), is facing the media axe. Starring Lucy Liu,  Frances O’Connor, Miranda Otto and Bonnie Somerville, the series revolves around four attractive and sexy executive women, Mia, Zoe, Juliet and Caitlin, and how they face everyday issues that plague women who desire to “have it all” — a successful career as well as an existent and thriving family/love life.

Somehow, I prefer Cashmere Mafia’s down-to-earth, realistic approach to narrating the, albeit fictitious, hectic lives of successful career women, rather than juicy Desperate Housewives or rah-rah raunchy Sex and The City (SATC). The ever-present drama and over-the-top tension, coupled with the high rate of crime and lack of moralistic themes, makes watching Desperate Housewives a cloying experience that desensitizes you to the sinful aspects of the exaggerated American life. Sex and The City is overly hyped, and lacks creativity and relevance to the real world, what with their over-active sex life and high turnover rate of husbands, boyfriends and lovers (unheard of except in Hollywood). It was a fun watch in the beginning, until you realized it’s the adult version of Mills and Boon..always the same old thing repackaged with a different cover and cheesy tagline.

Mia Mason VS      Carrie Bradshaw ??

Yet, it looks like Cashmere Mafia may not survive even its first season…is it some sort of bias, the fact that the female protagonist is a competitive, high-flying Asian publisher who packs as much corporate punch as Anna Wintour, and not a ditzy, blonde-haired, so-cute-it’s-hard-to-hate-her love advice columnist who probably has as many brain cells as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton combined? Or is it the lack of OTT drama, sex and rock’n’roll that people lack and therefore crave of?

I personally think Cashmere Mafia encompasses a more exciting and dynamic demographics for a typical BFF foursome in the world today, one dating on and off, one happily married, one unhappily married and considering divorce, and one undergoing sexual experimentation. It allows for more room to develop story-lines that are more varied and interesting to watch, and most importantly, a little bit of something women today can relate to!

We don’t need any more OTT dramatic series like DH and SATC about ridiculously silly, whiny, backstabbing and accident-prone women. Power to the ladies!

(FYI, IMHO, 1 Brunette, 1 Raven-Haired, 1 Blonde & 1 Redhead beats 3 Blondes + 1 Brunette. Kudos to equal representation in the media)

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