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Nate Archibald’s Fave Subject is Geography

March 3, 2008’re like, who is Nate Archibald? Who cares? Let me backtrack a little there… Nate Archibald is the cutest guy on Gossip Girl (which’s like a TV series sister to the OC) And guess what, his fave subject is Geography! (Yipps, geography is now officially declared Upper East Side and cool-worthy because Nate Archibald endorsed it. Like, how cool is that *rolls eyes*)

Nate Archibald
(Yeah, I rock *wink* …get it?)

To fill up the void of Gossip Girl-less days (thanks to the strike) before it comes back again in April, the GG blog has put up a series of character profiles for those suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms. Apparently, liberal arts and language subjects are considered glamorous and stylish school subjects to be good at without appearing too much like a low-life creepy nerd –hey look, Serena’s fave subject is world history, and am I not surprised that all-poised-for-Yale (Gimme a Y-A-L-E!) Blair has more than one fave (English, American History..and god knows what else)?

Read the rest of it here on Gossip Girl blog.

Source: CW


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