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#10 Look Before You Click ‘Send’

March 12, 2008

How many times have you clicked ‘Send’ and gone ‘Ohmygosh, I should have….’?

For me, it was nearly every other time. It is ALWAYS after you have sent the little email on its merry way that you realised you made a big blooper and wished that you could retrieve it, make some amendments and send it again. But as you savvy little Internetian already know, this is virtually impossible (pun intended!).

It’s either you forgot to cc/bcc someone or everyone (on the list), or you added someone wrongly (thanks to the Global Address List on the school’s Outlook Express network), or you made an embarrassing error in the year (2007, instead of 2008) or a glaringly obvious spello (“I’m sorry prof, but I have been really busty these days” — LOL).

Advice to everyone out there (and myself too) who more often than not made these mistakes:
Send yourself a copy (to another email address of yours) and read it through by pretending you are the intended recipient. Does it make sense to you? Does the writer sound careless/rude or stuffy/ostentatious? Tweak it to perfection and edit those I-wish-I-could’ve-edited-that-part-out stuff and click ‘Send’ now.

Hopefully, everything is right this time around. Well, cross your fingers, for you can only hope now that the button is clicked.

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