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#9 Forget Cute Clothes, You’ve Another 12,000 Words To Write

March 12, 2008

I remember the first few weeks of my first semester. Alright, I admit, most of the first semester. (You realised I ain’t so bad after all when you read on..) Some days I will pause in front of my wardrobe, thinking what to wear, poring over my not-so-plentiful accessories to see if I can get a cool new combination or colour matching outfit for that OMG-so-fun-’cause-we-never-had-that-kind-of-lectures-before Tuesday afternoon class.

It is less than a year (yes I’m still in first year), and frankly 4 out of 5 days I couldn’t be bothered with what I’m wearing, sometimes the fashion police inside me operates on autopilot and sorts my outfit out for me (all before I’m fully awake), I roll out of bed, barely managing to grab a bite of breakfast before battling the morning rush and ticking clock, and hoping that I won’t be late for lecture. Again. All that said, I couldn’t understand why some people dressed like they are going to a raving Party of The Year (high heels, hot-ironed curly hair, glittery earrings and full-on blusher) when they are just going to school. 80% of our male lecturers are fortunately married, and the boys don’t care less with their T-shirt (picked up from the floor and turned inside out ’cause there’s nothing clean to wear in his closet), blue jeans and squeakily shiny Nike sneakers. I have nothing against people who dressed well but I just don’t see the need to.

I’m not saying it’s fine for girls to toss on a ratty tee with sweatpants and drag their chaffed feet to class, but skip the entire routine of primer-foundation-blusher-eyeliner-mascara-concealer-lipstick-pressedpowder and just come to class with light sunscreen and lipgloss. After all, it’s easier on the eyes (for both guys and girls), and you’ll have that extra half an hour to write the 12,000 word essay that’s still waiting for you.

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