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Tourist In My Own Country

March 23, 2008

I like to walk around touristy places, weaving in and out of narrow alleys and tiny shops, poking at overpriced jewelry and fans, and taking pictures of the colourful, refurbished architectural facades that I never get tired of. I am, afterall, a tourist in my own country too.

This is how Chinatown in Singapore looks like:


 1. A cluster of Thai/Vietnamese (?) tourists outside the Chinatown MRT Station entrance


2. The Buddha Relic Tooth temple


3. Cardboard collector trudging against the flow of traffic, a juxtaposition of the struggling and the soaring


4. An ice cream seller faces an empty street


5. A 7-eleven sticks out like a sore thumb in Chinatown.


6. Interesting…look at how the two buildings are of the same shape, one is the Sri Mariammam Temple, and the other an office tower


7. Colourful, lovely architectural facades (this blue and yellow one has been there for eons…)

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