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Get a Rush. Go Greek.

April 4, 2008

I’ve only started watching the series when it began its Season 2, and frankly, when I first saw the pilot episode, I was like, You mean people actually watch this crap? I then went on to eat my own words when curiosity and temptation got the better of me and I proceeded to watch the second ep, and now it has become a guilty pleasure.

Greek is a teen drama series about Casey’s sorority high life and her brother’s loser life in the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University, and is packed with juicy scandals and dramatic catfights and petty relationship-related politics. It embodies the typical American college life, and so we, non-Americans, imagined it to be. It is Sweet Valley meets The O.C, with a dash of Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill to it.

Where there is no sororities and fraternities and where parents could sleep in peace at night knowing their beautiful children aren’t having “mixer parties” (ahem) with the opposite gender, these social organizations are not only seductively intriguing, they represent the upper echelons of university social life, the ticket to instant popularity, dates and side benefits. They are so unfathomable, yet such delightfully catty places to be, to sharpen your knives in order to hurl them into an unknowing victim’s back. If such a thing ever existed here, the face of university life would change dramatically. (For one, I might very well rush for it.)

There will be more emphasis on appearances, like there isn’t enough of that already. Social cleavages will surface, dividing the haves and the have-nots. Having the hot senior boyfriend, having the perfect dye-bottle hair, having the size-2 figure, having the straight As, having the flawless tan, having sidekicks that wait on you hand and foot will become the sole obsession. People define your social status by your success at initiation. People judge you by your opinions towards the Greek system. And with so many Greek organizations around, not being in one is like social suicide. Sounds terribly trivial and ridiculously shallow, right?

Think again! Does this sound strangely familiar too? It is in fact a little prelude to getting oneself ready for the real world. The world out there is a cruel place, first impressions count, men and women alike go for the hot ones first (nice ones finish last even till this day), everyone is chasing cars, cash and a place of their own, obsessing about looking like Hollywood name it. It brings out the ugly side of people, the ugly BUT practical and realistic. It allows to you to let yourself loose, to let your hair down and enjoy the exclusive dating scene that excludes anyone outside the Greek system. Don’t know how to speak/write/read Greek? It doesn’t matter as long as you act and look ‘Greek’! Be prepared to sell your soul to the brother/sisterhood’s devilish schemes. You’ll realise it is not so bad after all without realising you have completed your transformation.

What can I say? Can’t go Greek? Settle for second best (though this is not sorority/fraternity spirit as far as they are concerned). Get a rush. Watch Greek.

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