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#13 College. Where Your ‘Extra’ Talents Go To Waste?

April 10, 2008

You are undisputedly witty. You tell the most amazing stories (some including stupid things you’ve done). You can drink more beer than any other guy on campus. You say the most effective pickup lines. You can tweak your ears. You are slammin’ on Guitar Hero. You know all the links to the grossest, funniest, stupidest Youtube videos. You can imitate Ryan Seacrest AND Paula Abdul. You have uncanny ‘telekinetic’ powers, (Girl, are you thinkin’ what imma thinkin’?). You dance better than Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Shakira all rolled into one. You look like Wentworth Miller…’s brother. The list goes get the picture.

You are officially talented…in all the useless things. Useless, academically that is. Things that can make people happy (in more ways than one) but can’t put them down on paper or tell your parents, like “hey folks, I was the champion for the Best Streak ever performed”. People often lament about lack of talents, no, writing papers, typing at 250wpm and ability to use all Macromedia programs does n-o-t count. Yet, in fact, a lot of them possess some hidden, interesting talent but rarely (or in some cases never) had the chance to show it off. Oh no, the world doesn’t care about that. The very thing that makes a person unique, a real person, a beer-snorting-outta-nose-funny, crazy, sexy or cool individual. No, people don’t really care about that when the party’s over.

It’s all about the same goals: the highest GPA ever, the person engaged in the most co-curricular activities, the most books checked out of the school’s library, the number of professors you know on a personal (ahem) basis. You know you want it. But half the time you don’t know why you want to. But everyone’s doing it, so you figured, you might as well. If there are so many chasing after it, it’s bound to be good, right?

We lose ourselves in this constant struggle. Heck, some people don’t really struggle, but we aren’t talking about them. (They might as well go live on the moon or something, since earthlings-in-college are no longer good enough for them) We forget who we are, sometimes at least. We are eager to please. We say things we don’t mean. We want whatever others are getting. We want to lead a ‘meaningful’ life. We want so many things, we don’t realise that we are disappearing.

You have all these friends. Friends you never had time for anymore. Never had time to perform your talents for. Is this the life you are looking for? Take a moment, step back and smell the coffee. Do yourself a favour. Embrace whatever you have and work on them. Don’t let your talents go to waste. There’s a party waiting for you.

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  1. z1w3i permalink
    April 12, 2008 6:57 AM

    I found your blog.=)
    Your post really caught my attention because I am feeling rather similar at this moment, or rather I’ve been repressing some sides of myself for some time.
    Anyway, I’m breaking through, but gradually, I guess. Don’t want to miss the party too. =P


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