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Music Review:Tick Tock…From Boring to Roaring in 4 Minutes

April 24, 2008

If you haven’t seen this, OMG just see it already!

Madonna and Justin Timberlake rock the pop world upside down with their latest collaboration, “4 Minutes”. It’s catchy, it’s trippy, it makes you wanna jump over and dance on top of cars the way they did so effortlessly in the vid. Grab a boy, grab a girl, you’ve got 4 minutes to save the world…if only saving the world is so easy!

At first hear, the song is a little bleah for Maddy’s standards, after Hung Up and Sorry… 4 Minutes sounds like an inferior sister to those rawring club hitz. But together with the vid, the song just popped… Maddy looks amazingly gorgeous for her age, that flawless smooth Botoxed complexion, bouncy blonde curls and her nimble breakdancing-pop-swing-kungfu fusion dance… She is undoubtedly the Queen of Pop. It’s a little strange to see the sexual tension between her and JT though, she’s like a decade or two older than him… (Tsk-tsk Demi-Ashton complex) I love Justin’s voice in the song, I could almost feel his youthful boyish vibes resurrecting in the song..very refreshing after the raunchy FutureSex/LoveSounds.

Way to go…Maddy and JT is a lethal combination. They will blaze their way to the top of the charts… (I miss Britney…come back soon. Btw, her ‘Break The Ice’ is really hawt too.)

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