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#22 You Can Party Too! – Reflecting On Freshman Year (Part 2)

May 8, 2008

I am relieved and ecstatic to announce that my final exams are done. I am also suddenly regretful that I haven’t studied as hard as I should because I am not only alive and kicking, I have PLENTY of excess energy to partay like a rawk starr. Like anyone cares about that, especially when the next final exams would be nearly six whopping months away! And summer is right around the corner, which means catching up on beauty sleep, partying, boozing, catching up with friends, travelling, and reading the occasional indulgent sexy novel. Freshman year is officially dunzo (just waiting for the results to be out end May o_o)!

At this point, I am probably expected to run down an obligatory list of things I’ve learnt and experienced for this whole year, so I might as well, making it short and sweet by dispelling some myths about freshman year:

MYTH: College, especially freshman year, will be stressful as hell because half the time you don’t know what to do.

FACT: I shalln’t lie and say freshman year has been a piece of cake. (Please slap all obnoxious parties who claim so.) There are really hectic and scary moments, but the fun that comes along with them really takes the edge off things most of the time.

What I believe is that you have the power to make things less stressful, more fun and school a better place for everyone. Just breathe deep when the going gets tough and you’ll eventually survive. At least I know it because I’m typing this right now.

MYTH: You will gain the freshman fifteen.

FACT: Erm, that’s if you breeze through all the classes, participate in zero sports, and/or start scarfing Pringles down your throat everytime you watch tv during your spare time (if you even have any to begin with). For me, I lost everything I gained during the summer before I entered university and has never regained the weight ever since, what with assignments, tests and all the running around school!

MYTH: You’re going to be bloody miserable because your secondary/high school friends did not attend the same college as you did, and you are convinced that nobody else can ever make you feel the same about them again.

FACT: College is a beeauootiful place, BECAUSE you will make tons of new friends. Although quantity definitely does not mean quality, it already feels great when you have people to go to lectures and tutorials and lunch and simply hang out with after class. And because you have met all these people, you can use your discretion and start approaching those you relate more to and build lasting friendships with them.

I am very grateful and glad to say that many of my old friends are attending the same uni as I do so we hang out occasionally for lunch and dinner and complain about school. (Girlfriends are like my second family. Hearts.) But I also made several great, trustworthy, genuine and fun to hang out with friends over the 2 semesters. It is especially bonding because the freshmen undergo the same experience, the struggles, the stressful times, the trials and tribulations of being a small fish in the ocean of college kids, and the seniors tell their juniors of their harrowing and exciting college experiences and are able to point out what to do and what not to.

I have experienced my fair share of ups and downs, great and bad times, and overall, it’s been a pretty fun ride. The college experience has threatened to let me down many times but it’s holding on so far. Like it or not, we have to go through this, so heck I cannot stress this enough, just relax, enjoy and have fun! 🙂

And now that the semester is over, PLEASE, I beg you, run out and soak up all the sun*! Party like there’s no tomorrow…because you’ll never be younger, cooler, freer and more beautiful than you are now.

*wear your sunscreen, ladies!

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  1. linese permalink
    June 16, 2008 6:28 AM

    Thank you for dispelling some college freshman rumors, both ones that I have heard and ones that I haven’t. You have made college seem a little less intimidating to this incoming freshman,haha.

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