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Movie Review: Before Sunrise

May 18, 2008

Before Sunrise, starring droolworthy Ethan Hawke (hot!) and uber-sexy Julie Delpy, is a film about two strangers, Jesse and Celine, who meet on a train and only have until before sunrise the next day with each other. It begun with a kind of shy awkwardness of just getting to know each other, and as the clock ticks by, they started to realize that come next morning, it was going to be an agonizing time saying au revoir

In the film, they were talking about how when two people meet on an off chance and probably are not going to see each other again despite their undeniable attraction at first. And then, how they decided to make a “rational adult decision” to not write or call each other because it would just taper off to a trickle and become something of an eternal regret…

This happens more often than we would have liked in life. But strangely, the first thing we do is to exchange email addresses and phone numbers, and in the end it gets really weird and awkward after a while waiting for each other’s reply and you’ll keep wondering if he feels the same way about you as when you first met.

We are afterall human! We need human interaction. The warmth of a real smile, the sound of someone’s voice; the immediate response, be it a hearty raucous laugh, or just a subtle wry toss back of the hair… Relationships wither without them. The space between two people is sacred, and something that technology cannot never replicate nor bridge, and only being in the same time and space can we feel as though a connection is being made.

There is something very magical and bittersweet about their romantic encounter with each other. Meeting a beautiful stranger in a beautiful city. Wandering through old cobblestone streets. Exploring ancient churches. Exchanging lingering stares. Getting to know each other. Letting the wind run through your hair. There is no obligation, no inhibition, no judgment, no animosity…just innocent curiosity, sensual intrigue, sizzling excitement and pure adrenaline tingling through every vein in your body.

The movie says all that through witty dialogue and beautiful body language, from the signs of a budding romance, the rush one feels when falling hopelessly in love…to the melancholic last few hours and the final, desperate soulful embrace. If you’re lucky enough, you may get to experience this heart-wrenching rollercoaster yourself.

My favourite scene has got to be the one where they sat by the riverside discussing about the future that they are probably not going to have, struggling not to feel pained and regretful that they were meant to meet but not meant to be… What strikes me the most is not the romance when they are together, but more of the ‘what could have been’ and the rush of emotions after they leave each other.

If you’re a fan of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Lost in Translation like me, you’ll love this.

Rating: 4.5/5

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