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#24 Living Summer Up – Hot and Gorging on Ice Cream

May 25, 2008

This is a long overdue post, what with my new summer job and a lot of things going on for me right now, but here we go again!

To kickstart our summer holidays, twelve of us from the Geographical Society hit small-town Malacca (former British colony just like Singapore) and Genting Highlands in style and a lot of ice-cream love!

Smile when you\'re freezing!
Everyone looking hawt even though it was freezing very cold.

Last week’s 4-day R&R trip to neighbouring Malaysia seemed like a million years ago already! It was a fabulous bonding trip which started off brrrrrcool up in da highlands and heartstopping funfunfun on the rollercoasters (and for the steel-gutted ones among us– the tower plunge). The bus ride was scenic and the place was shrouded in dreamy clouds of mist half the time. Baskin Robbins was everywhere! So we ate it every chance we could. IMHO, it’s better than Ben and Jerry’s and even Häagen-Dazs so I don’t get why we don’t have an outlet here already.

Malacca was a stark contrast with soaring temperatures but it didn’t stop us from traipsing around town visiting historical sites like the A’Famosa and the Stadthuys. The quaint shophouses were reminiscent to what we have here in S’pore, except more rugged, authentic and muchos cooler. Hung out at the Geographer’s Cafe (our kind of place!) for our last night there. We even got matching tees from there. I loved the decor; there were framed old and new maps of Manhattan, German and Chinese cities, and also detailed maps about the Titanic. Had fun talking and mostly posing for photos. Everyone went shopping (and the guys appeared to be more excited than the gals!) and bought so much we were all broke at the end of the trip, but oh, we are so “spoiled” and thoroughly relaxed at the end of it.

P/S: Thanks for everyone’s birthday wishes and The Surprise.

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