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#25 If Hillary Can Gut Fish… On Summer Jobbing

May 25, 2008


Not all of us are lucky enough to spend our entire summer travelling the world, saving whales and tanning on the beach ala The Hills-style. That’s where summer jobs come in and we earn some cash to buy us more clothes and things we don’t need but want for the new semester next year.

I had my fill of filing papers and typing away on the computer in an office, sitting pretty in an office talking to nobody except a bunch of strangers on the phone doing admin work. I didn’t like laborious work after my warehouse stint. Greeting people in a jarringly orange uniform is as real as it gets when it comes to holding a bonafide summer job. Watch this space for more about it.

I figured we would never venture into strange occupations when we get older, either because it’s no longer practical or we’ll never be as adventurous as we are when we are still young and impressionable, so what better time than NOW to try it all? (Safe is out, so live life tough and dangerous please)

Ideas for summer jobs that will fill your pockets and give you the experience of a lifetime.
Nothing is too dirty, tiring and scary as long as you are willing to try!

1. Dog walker
Or let the dog walk you. Either way, you get a rockin’ summer tan and great exercise!

 2. Lifeguard
Rescue that damsel/knight in distress from the water and you might get more than you asked for. *wink*

3. Events assistant
Run around like a mad dog and open your eyes to how an event is run and a lot of difficult people.

4. Resort/Hotel staff (chambermaids, room service, front desk, bellboys)
You never know, you might meet a celeb or two, and learn from the frontline how a large organization works.

5. Wait staff/Barista
Free food/coffee + working in a crazy, busy place makes time fly by and fill ya pocket with tipsy tips.

2 more months to go… And then, embark on a budget backpacking trip with a few friends if you’ve saved up enough before the new sem begins! Because you deserve it! 🙂

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