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#27 Stuck in the Middle of Summer Thoughts

June 17, 2008

It’s freaking warm. It rains at the most inopportune times and you feel hot under the collar and there’s no-one cute within a ten-mile radius. It’s pathetic, but you deal. That’s summer for me. No lectures = no cute college boys to ogle (even if it’s the back of their heads most of the time) = bleah

1. Decided that I am probably the worst tutor in the world who’s best at being perky and cheery for no rhyme or reason at all.

2. Watched a pelican (ok, my bad, I just found out it’s actually not a pelican) spoonbill-like bird puke out two fish, and most of my friends who heard about this thought it especially hilarious. I just thought it was utterly disgusting.

3. Drank WAY too many cups of designer coffee. Beating myself up for spending good money on Starbucks. Total count this week so far: 3  tall cups (and I ought to stop)

4. No. of times I-stayed-out-late-and-folks-got-pissed-at-me this week: 2 and counting

5. No. of books currently reading (and will probably never finish reading): 3

6. Looking miserably at my electric pink toe nail polish and wondered why I even ever followed Lauren Conrad’s summer fashion advice.

7. No. of times being called skinny/too small this week: Countless as usual (I repeat, I am not undernourished!)

8. Thought that everyone (and I mean EVERYfreakingBODY) in my city walks slower than me and I feel like bashing them on the back of their heads everytime they block my way. And then I realised, I should just slow down myself. The world isn’t going anywhere and is still going to be here when I’m gone.

9. Being a vegan is only hot if you are Natalie Portman. I’ll stay a happy omnivore thankyouverymuch. Yowza!
(Note: Blogging at 3.30am is never a good idea!)

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