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Agents are loners: Happily Single and Summery, Still

June 28, 2008

I’ve decided that enough is enough when it comes to blogging about school. Come on, it’s the summer. Yes, I have an embarrassing confession, I do miss school a teeny bit (I was shopping around online for modules for next semester just the other day) but let’s throw the books away and think about other things for a change.

Single in the city, not like I am terribly worried, there are a bunch of pretty fun things you can do and it is strangely very enjoyable to be in the company of yours truly. (All the loners in the world, rejoice with me!) What with a whole stack of intellectual-sounding titles from the library stacking on my desk, and Obama on my bed (I WISH — No, he’s actually on the cover of June’s edition of Reader Digest Asia, which I’ve been happily devouring these days)

Working. And switching from one job to another…they all seemed like a summer staple. Excluding of course the lucky SOBs who get to travel the world, I’m sorry not everyone’s the illegitimate child of a billionaire or resides in the treasury. Not that I want to, really. My new obsession? Trying out different kinds of work in different industries until I’ve exhausted my options…admin, service, sales, tutoring, industry, education, tourism, fashion (abit)… I’m just short of being a waitress/barista (oh wait that’s service too).

I really wish I could be a lifeguard though — prancing up and down a beach in red and yellow and scouting out topless boys sound like a really sweet idea — but I think getting saved (instead of saving others) would be a faster option for me.

Shopping. AHH. I can really get used to not shopping at all, considering my very worrisome conversation with my folks the other day about how I’m going to pay my college debts back to them (hey, cut me some slack, I still have three-ish years to go!!)

Reading..for fun! How I miss the feeling of reading something other than a textbook, lecture notes or some equally unpalatable disgustingly “oh-so-intellectual” journals blahblahblah. Give me a break and please get yourself a life along the way as well, pick up something that you actually read for fun! Ok, not everyone reads Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar (which incidentally has more Chanel/Tod’s/Marc Jacobs ads more than actual articles) for pleasure. I personally love non-fiction books that talk about hilarious travel stories and ideas about the climate and human evolution, and the occasional chick lit (of which I only flip to the saucy, sexy bits to read and proceed to chuck it aside)

Watching movies. Ok I can sense RIAA, FBI and every other global legal department zoning in on me now. Yes I watch them for free and online. There it’s out. What’s a near-broke debt-accumulating student to do? The guilty pleasure is mine. Now let me get that movie loading. And please, stop taking movies off the sites already. You can’t stop us. Ever. I will however pay for one in the theater when I find a film that’s worth my measly ten bucks.

Going to the museum. Did I mention that just by showing my matriculation card I can get into every museum in Singapore for free? It’s good to be a college student sometimes. The Asian Civilizations Museum boasts an amazing collection of exhibits and is very well-organized, with different geographical regions in Asia separated into various galleries. The Art Museum was however a bore, compared to the private galleries that dot the quaint streets of Bugis and in places like the Raffles Hotel. And the ceilings should be much much higher for a grander feel. I should probably have majored in Fine Arts instead because it looks as though they seriously need some avant garde, exciting artists around here.

Going to the beach. Melanoma here I come! Recently having developed a fear for sunlight thanks to all the medical journals reporting about different types of skin cancers and sun damage and whatnot, plus the fact that I’m enjoying a vampiristic lifestyle sleeping during daytime and prowling around after sundown, that’s not exactly a super appealing option. But I promise myself, some day this summer I will soak some rays…and risk cancer.

Exercising. Looking good has never felt so good. Enjoying a good swim in the summer heat and pounding on the sidewalk in my old and very seasoned track shoes and feeling a warm glow on my cheeks. Now that’s pure calorie-burning bliss. Let’s work to keep this high metabolic rate up!

Exploring the city. Or simply, being a tourist in my own country. Grab a map and start walking everywhere. But trust me, chuck the map and get moving in the city. I was beginning to be so reliant on maps that just the other day I forgot my way around the part of town that I was supposed to be most familiar with! Pretending to be a tourist is perfectly alright but turning into one is not! And let’s not get started on the time when I was shooed out of a temple in my very casual summer ensemble of tanktop and shorts.

Eating. Good food. Bad food. Yummy food. Fast food. Fried. High-end. Cheap. Roasted chicken. Dim sum. Indonesian. Sushi. Burgers! Bars and bars of delicious, runny milk chocolate. Resembling svelte-y Calista Flockhart has its perks. Chomp on… while I imagine (like any other weight-obsessed girl) the chocolate bar end up on my thigh. Just kidding, now keep the ice cream coming.

Sleeping! Zzzzzzzzzz. Having clocked a whopping (but not yet record-breaking) 14 hours last evening till this evening, I have indeed internalised and exercised the beauty of sleep. Sleep is as legitimate an activity as reading, eating, going to school, doing “useful” things and everything else. Whoever said sleeping is overrated need to seriously get their brains checked. Did I mention I was romping with a certain Mr. Wahlberg  and Miss Johansson in my dreams? In full technicolor and dreamland glory. If only every sleep is so sweet.

More to come though, are things that I wish to do in the dwindling last weeks of summer…
– Trekking/Biking/Playing tennis/Skating (in other words expending my excess energy)
– Traveling (short day or weekend trips are spiffy enough for me)
– Making new friends (how I’m going to accomplish this, I’ve no idea)
– Get cooking (in more meanings than one)
– Make a decent amount of profit by the end of summer (Profit = Paycheck – Shopping Bills)
– Get a bit of tan despite all health warnings
– More dancing (whoo hoo, make Britney proud!)
– Catching up with friends
– Find out and grab people to go for my One-Star Kayaking certification
– Swim a lot more
– Quit caffeine addiction (until school begins, that is)
– Learn something new…(fill in the blanks here)
– Watch Sex and The City and Made of Honor (back to back! fwee!)

Now, back to watching more –ahem– movies online!

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  1. z1w3i permalink
    July 4, 2008 2:05 AM

    Hey Jade!
    Kudos for the singles!
    Your latest entry is really intriguing. 😉
    The museum part was funny. Actually the permanent collections are the ones that are getting boring but I must say the recent Vietnam was quite impressive.
    Btw, are you sure you wanna be a lifeguard at the beach?! Lol.
    See ya soon!

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