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#30 Key To A Great College Social Life: Your Timetable!

July 6, 2008

To celebrate my thirtieth College Diaries post, I shall divulge the secret of having a great college social life, aside from the apparent reasons such as possessing stunningly attractive bodily features, unlimited financial resources or an already well-established social network, or you lucky SOB, all of the above. Since I don’t particularly boast any of the above qualities, settling for the next best thing is the only viable option available to me, and everyone else…for example: YOU.

We all have access to this one thing called our very own personal timetable. Almost all of us have a love-hate relationship with ours. Our timetable is unique to every college-going individual, from the ungodly morning econometrics lectures (where besides a few suck-ups, nobody shows up until the few weeks leading up to the final exams) to the godly late night astronomy tutorials (where you get to cosy up to that cute Physics major guy sharing a telescope and observing Venus together).

I personally had the unfortunate experience of having lectures and tutorials back to back for eight hours, where lunch for me meant swallowing sandwiches at breakneck speed in between classes for one entire semester! Not fun at all, if you asked my stomach. I didn’t even have time to stop and stare at my cutie — I know exactly along which hallway he sits, at what time and in between which classes I have. 

Some days,  timetable-permitting and if I’m lucky enough, he’ll appear completely off schedule at the same place, and I’ll take a long, sweet moment pretending to grab a drink at the vending machine…admiring the way he runs his fingers over his head in a frustrated manner, thumbing through pages after pages of thick, intellectual-looking thread-bound books. After all the bitching about our timetable, you can’t deny that there are some nice moments we can thank our schedule for.

You may disagree with me, but I am undoubtedly certain that everyone’s favourite part of the timetable is, yes you guess it, the parts where it’s blank, says nothing, and could only mean one thing: endless ridiculous gossipy conversations, lunching with buddies plus scoping out cuties in the cafeteria, curling up with a book in your corner in the library, doing the dirty with your latest conquest in your dorm room, catching much needed Zs…basically an extremely valuable add-on to your social calendar.

You have to make this work yourself, because like I said, everyone has their own classes, own schedules, own things-to-do (including secret rendezvouses with Miss X in the empty stairwell in between astrophysics and Descartes). Go through the classes that you want to take for the next semester carefully, making notes on when the lectures and tutorials are, and map them out. You may find a timetable builder program on your college website, or if you’re nifty enough, create your own program to plot out your schedule.

First things first, you’ve got to free up spacious prime real estate during lunchtime, that’s when everyone will flood the food court and you’d have learnt in probability that chances are higher for you to see and be seen.

If you’re much sneakier, try to source out where your eyecandy hangs out often and the watering holes of the cuties, and plan your routes between walking from the library to tutorial so that you’ll pass by those places. You know as well as I do that one peek at your crush instantly brightens up your day.

Leave the evenings open as much as possible. Or deliberately plan FOR evening classes so you can casually ask the girl/guy from your class to “grab a bite” for dinner “or something”…you don’t need me to teach you, you know how the game goes.

With that, I shall wish you guys good luck, and have fun planning your timetable for the new semester! 🙂

Love, agentjade

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