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TV Review: The Starter Wife’s A Winner

July 11, 2008

I have to admit it, I always wondered what it would be like to a divorcee (even before I am anywhere near marriage!), abandoned, used and quite very lost. It has something to do with how deranged our society has become these days. With divorce rates rocketing up, up and beyond nowadays, it *almost* seemed inevitable that marriage will end up in divorce and made people lose faith in what is also a holy union, an institution everyone used to believe whole-heartedly in.

Emmy winning The Starter Wife, starring gorgeous Debra Messing (gawd I love her), a print-to-screen HBO miniseries, about Molly Kagan who split with her director husband and has to live with the humiliation and alienation thrown at her by the stylish, flashy and mercenary social circle that she and her husband used to rub shoulders with. Along the way, she’s forced to face the annoying prick aka her ex’s new girlfriend, dates a man who is totally way below her league, enjoys the relentless pursuit of a rather charming older man and lends a shoulder to her friends with equally distressing life crises of their own.

Molly is real. Molly is klutzy. Molly is emotionally vulnerable.

She jumps at you from the screen with her bubbly laughter and her endearing idiosyncrasies. She has great hair, flawless skin and impeccable fashion sense. I love her accent, and that wide-eyed look she has when she hears of something utterly unbelievable. You want to be her friend. You want to help her kick her ex in the balls, and laugh with her when he came running back to her because of reasons you can find out for yourself when you watch the series!

Best of all, they are filming a complete new series following the miniseries’ success! May misadventures, cheer and lots of hot men follow Molly wherever she goes! Can’t wait to see how her romance department unfolds… meanwhile if you haven’t seen The Starter Wife, get crackin’!

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