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The Lost Art of Small Talk

July 24, 2008

Acquaintance: Hey there. It’s been a while since I last saw you. How have you been?
You: Erm… (mildly surprised that someone actually “cared” to ask) Great. So how about you? (Like you care!)

Most people really hate small talk. It’s at best awkward and uncomfortable, at worst embarrassing and excruciating. But you know what’s worse? Not having anything to talk about when it comes to times like this, and the culprit may very well be the victim: YOU.

“What? ME?” You say, complete with the innocent wide-eyed look, lips slightly parted into a perfect O aka fake gasp and open palm covering your mouth. Yes, you. We are desperately, but surely, losing an extremely important skill that keeps us afloat in our social circles and beyond, the art of small talk. You know discussing about one another’s progress in school/scaling the corporate ladder, bare minimal mention about the latest romantic interest, your recent “adventure” and the hottest handbag to hit the fashion scene. Seemingly important key events of your life, sans the details because you’re either afraid to reveal too much, OR OR OR…you are afraid to repeat yourself.

Sounds familiar? Remember the blow-by-blow account of how you and your posse went to said-resort and had a super fun blast (and conveniently forgot to invite or ‘casually mention’ it to this particular friend/acquaintance of yours) that you have already posted on your beloved, over-decorated and under-visited BLOG? Yes, chances are, if you posted the weblink on your Facebook/My Space profile or has a well-known website, your friend has read it and doesn’t need you to repeat everything that she has read. 

So when the inevitable and crucial small talk question “So what did you do last weekend?” pops up, you rack your brains and struggle to think of something ELSE to talk about. But really, what could be more exciting, scandalous and interesting that all the (unwanted and over-the-top) details that you already spilled to 1,678.937 Internet users?

It’s you and your overzealous bid to let the whole world know what exciting things you did (as if people really care enough to be sufficiently jealous, really) in a fashion that could match Perez Hilton’s record time in posting some skanky actress’ latest shenanigans with his signature scribbles, that caused your embarrassing attempt to grapple for something to say.

For all you eager-to-expose-yourself bloggers, save the small talk with this line instead: “Why don’t you read my blog? IT’S ALL THERE.”

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