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I Fell In Love With Bowie Before I Met Him

July 29, 2008

I was digging out my old music collection — you know those embarrassing songs from the 90s that you wished you didn’t like so much to the point you at least know the lyrics to the chorus of every song. They were forgotten, buried under the rising tides of new millenia sounds and my newfound love for the timeless tunes from before I was born, The Rolling Stones/The Clash/Pink Floyd era. In defense of the 90s, there were some really great singers in the 90s who didn’t make it in one piece to the 2000s for a range of reasons, number one being the fact that nowadays listeners have zero respect for good music in general.

Pulled out Samantha Mumba’s Body II Body, something that brings back great tweenage memories of watching MTV (when Britney’s sober and sane 24/7 and Justin Timberlake still has his ugly mop of orange hair) and drinking Britney-endorsed Pepsi on a hot pre-global-warming-hype summer day. Those were the days. Something jumped out at me, and instantly I could hear the strains of Ashes To Ashes in Body II Body. I wasn’t particularly fond of ‘Body II Body’. It dawned on me in a split second that I fell in love with David Bowie way before I discovered him amongst the glam rock gems of the 70s. Maybe, I’m an old soul at heart after all. And I’m proud to not have succumbed to the poorly conceived sounds of today. Yes, hit me, here’s a music snob talking.

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