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#32 A Lecture You Don’t Want To Miss

August 1, 2008

For people who have been in college long enough, there is always this professor whom you really loved, his style, his humor, his humility, his passion, whatever it is, and you’ll give anything to hear his lectures. I haven’t met mine yet, but this guy–he’s incredible and I’m damn sure he knows it himself–would be that professor for me if only I were his student. He is Professor Randy Pausch, from Carnegie Mellon University, and he will always be remembered.

Upbeat, lively, funny (very important), articulate (even more important) and passionate about his work (most important), he dished out many useful advice that made him who he was, and was indeed inspiring, especially for someone like me who isn’t easily inspired. I was very moved, and felt that this was one of the most fulfiling 2 hours I’ve spent of late. Make the time, attend his lecture, in the aptly named series called The Last Lecture, and I promise it will change your life even in the most minute of ways.
(I am now nearly convinced that all good people die young, naturally of course.)

RIP, Prof Pausch, a professor I wished had lived long enough to see the fruits of his labour

My favourite advice from him: If you give people enough time, they will surprise you. 
I realise I don’t give people chances. I meet them, I form first impressions, they fail me, and they are struck off my list. Actually, most of the time, I find that it’s useless to force something that’s not going to happen, that is, when two people are not on the same wavelength. But when you finally meet people you care about, do give them time, to come out of their shells, to realise their own mistakes and then, embrace them as who they have become. I am going to keep this in mind and practice this.

Other Notes from the lecture:
Keep having fun!
Most of the time I don’t need reminding, but a lot of you out there need to LIGHTEN UP already. You guys all look like you have something up your you-know-what.

For all you single ladies out there, when men are chasing you:
Just ignore everything they say, just look at everything they do.
Somehow I don’t agree. Since most guys don’t really process what they say through their head, we can safely take their words as seriously as their imbecile actions. Just kidding, boys! See what I mean when I say people need to lighten up?

Listen to the feedback, and act upon it.
Hell I can’t agree more. I’m not good with giving or receiving criticism. Peace, people.

Be good at something: it makes you valuable.
Not the easiest thing when it’s so hard to be talented at one thing, even if it’s anything at all. But I’m proud of what I can do, I’m just a Jane of many trades, missus of none and I’m okay with it.

Work hard, and be prepared.

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  1. October 31, 2008 6:59 PM

    Your favorite advice from him is my favorite too, and lately i’ve really started believing in it! Nice post by the way 🙂

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