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#33 The Rising Tides of The New Semester

August 4, 2008

The moment I logged onto the school network and checked out my new syllabus for the courses I picked out for next semester, I took back all the words I said about “missing school” and “can’t wait to start studying again”. I must be freaking crazy to think all that…it must be the summer heat or the boredom talking, because I’m melting down even before we are flagged off for the race.

I don’t remember feeling so anxious before starting my freshman year. Those silly, carefree days…feels like an extension of junior college. It’s probably because freshmen get away with all sorts of shit. Crappily written essays that resemble pre college compositions are considered “good *ahem* attempts at academic writing”; wandering into class late can be interpreted as “getting lost in the vast labyrinth of the campus buildings”; enjoying extended luxurious lunch breaks are a form of “mass interaction to expand our social networks — which might come in useful next time”. In retrospect, it is incredibly easy to survive freshman year. The hard part is the next semester.

You are expected to be smarter, more worldly, more intellectual, generally much better at your craft. Truth be told, there are a lot of things out there to be feared — the rising tides of the new semester, that is, thicker, more complicated readings, longer, incomprehensible syllabus and content, lectures heavily laden with mind boggling albeit oh-so-interesting information….and HIGHER EXPECTATIONS. Things that make your legs turn to jelly and make you feel a little heady when you think about them.

But I’m excited, nevertheless, with a slight tinge of trepidation. Despite the new semester looming ahead of us, some things never really change. Remember how happy we get when we have new coloured pens, binders, folders, files and notebooks when school begins? It’s still the same now, so to chase away these back-to-school blues, let me go run up a list of fresh school supplies to buy… Check out Fred Flare‘s latest Back To School ’08 accessories…ogle all you want until your shallow college kid pockets can afford them.

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  1. emielli permalink
    August 18, 2008 4:35 PM

    Being a college senior is SO much worse. You have people asking you everyday what your plans are after graduation, so while trying to decide what to do, you still have to attend classes and do actual work!

    But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! 🙂


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