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A Tirade Against Hypocritical Capitalists Disguised as Pseudo-Activists

August 7, 2008

Dear Treehugger-Activist-Let’s-Make-Love-Not-War Friend,

Before I begin, let me get this off my chest. Shame on you. SHAME on you. You claim to be all goody goody, but you are just like anyone of them. I can’t say I’m Mother Theresa, but at least I don’t go around making the whole world think I’m a saint. No, I’m just me, but you, you are a hypocrite.

Occasionally, I wear a t-shirt that says “Go green” but I throw all my paper into the trash without batting an eyelash. Oh go ahead and gasp, yes I didn’t recycle them, I don’t have the time or I don’t feel like sorting my crap out because inside that pile of papers, there’s the poem my ex-boyfriend wrote me and I don’t want to suffer the anguish of having to “stumble upon” it again. Screw recycling then. But I’m fine, because 1,483, 438 people out there do the same thing too.

I grab as many free plastic bags at the supermarket as possible when I think no-one’s there to judge me. I mean, it’s free, why not? Anyway I can use them to wrap up my trash later. It’s not like I’m going to choke some penguins with them later.

But you, my friend, are a different breed from me. You smile for the cameras, championing environmental causes, screaming political slogans, and find yourself kicking and screaming as policemen dragged you away from the chains you put around yourself and those precious trees. You give out flyers diligently under the hot sun, you organize donation drives, you chair revolutionary rallies, but on your off days, you are worse than the average earth killer.

Off go the spotlights. You browse and buy more clothes than Paris Hilton can wear, you fly around the world from Los Angeles to Lagos to Luang Prabang, you live up your vacays buying things you’ll never need, indirectly oppressing the poor locals who can’t speak English and get paid peanuts, money that could be well spent on a year’s education for children in a remote Northern Thailand village. But no, you do all you do to support a lavish, hedonistic (I-have-the-moolah-so-I-spend-it-take-that-bitch) lifestyle and so you can post new photos (yay!) on Facebook.

See, princess, all you left behind, is a legacy of your do-goodness and a trail of destruction that comprises of jet fuel and lots and lots of carbon credits your daddy can’t buy.

Why go to all that extent when with one careless flick of your capitalism-infected finger, you undo everything and unleash so much more?

If you want to do some good to this world, start from the very basic, stop buying all the crap you don’t need. Stop this crazy chase for material things. Walk for once, because legs are there for a reason. Live minimal, live free, or, hell, just live like the next person. The world is already a better place without you screwing it up.

Thank you for being a hypocrite.

Stop your nonsense please,
Your very indignant Edukator-wannabe with a mean self-righteous streak

The above blog post is inspired by a sudden surge of anger at us being slaves to this “capitalist dictatorship” after watching The Edukators, a revolutionary anti-capitalism German movie. The world is crawling with rich people owning everything that matters and poor people groveling to make ends meet. It doesn’t have to be like that. But there’s the way our society is. So let’s suck it up and move on with life.

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  1. August 7, 2008 7:17 PM

    I totally agree that there are lots of bandwagon treehuggers out there who epitomize hypocrisy. Just know though that there are lot of people who go about an environmentally friendly life quietly commuting on bikes and minimizing use of resources. Unfortunately it’s often the most visible proponents of green living who aren’t doing it (e.g., Gov. Arnold with his multiple Hummers).

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