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#34 Let’s Play “Spot The Freshman”

August 12, 2008

First day of sophomore year. Exciting, trepidating days loom ahead. I see the same hallways, but filled with new faces. I couldn’t help but think back on my first few days, when I was all dressed up, trying to look cool while frantically searching for my class on the campus map. I figured I would be the first one picked out in a game of “Spot the Freshman” commonly played by bored upperclassmen. Not cool at all. But I survived, and honestly I wish I can have all of that back, the innocence, the cluelessness, the perfect legitimate excuse to simply say “I have no idea at all!”. I missed the spontaneity of going up to someone fearlessly and say “My name is… and you are?” I don’t do it anymore, because I figured,

1. I can’t be bothered.
2. I’ve probably enough friends to keep me busy for the little free time that I’m left with.
3. I don’t mind knowing you but I just don’t want to appear all eager and desperate to make friends.

When I look at the freshmen, as much as I do admire how fresh and happy they look, most of the time I just shudder wondering if I behaved the same way as well. I couldn’t help but realised that freshmen simply stuck out like sore thumbs among the college fabric, their idiosyncracies and distinct freshness illuminating especially in the first few days, before they are thoroughly seasoned.

10 Ways on How To “Spot The Freshman”

Gathered from personal observation, one is highly likely to be a freshman if he or she is found to be engaged in the following actions/behaviour:

1. Milling around the photocopy machines/computer terminals taking too long to operate them or wondering how to operate them.

2. Yelling each other’s names loudly and looking way too excited to see a friend you just made during orientation week.

3. Dressing as though going for their cousin’s engagement party at a conservative yet hip bar.

4. Cam-whoring (taking photographs) in the toilet, using the mirror. (I’m serious, saw it with my own eyes.)

5. Overheard gushing about how cool the canteen/library/lecture theatre/random common college amenity is. (Remember paying a lot of $ for “Miscellaneous”? This is it.)

6. Overheard complaining about how difficult the classes are. (Duh.)

7. Constantly still talking about their pre-college (secondary/junior college/high school) stories.

8. Wearing pre-college related clothing. (Fashion police come quick!)

9.  Punctuating alternate sentences with “Oh really, that’s very interesting!”, “Wow, you guys must be, like, so smart.” when talking to upperclassmen about their higher level modules.

10. Poring over the campus map as if it’s the first time he/she had seen it. (And for some, it IS.)

All that being said, I am really proud of some freshmen who just abandoned pretending to be cool and asked for directions. I love telling freshmen things they would take days or even weeks to figure out by themselves and I would then see this shining look of eternal gratitude on their faces. Utterly priceless.

Don’t we all love freshies! So now, how about another round of “Spot The Freshman”?

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  1. August 13, 2008 12:58 PM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for these tips. I’m going to be a freshman in a few short weeks and I already stick out a lot because of my height (or, rather, lack there of).
    I already know where my class is, so that’s definitely a start.
    Gahd. I can’t wait to play this during my second year. Righteous!
    -J (


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