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The CW Showdown: 90210 vs. Gossip Girl

September 5, 2008

GG Poster

90210 Poster

I am a devout Gossip Girl fan, and have been watching religiously since the pilot episode dropped and left a scorching mark on primetime television, and GG has been sizzling ever since. I, for one, have never watched the original Beverly Hills 90210 series, but that’s in a way good because I wouldn’t have any preconceived notions or expectations about the new CW 90210 series. Of course, I couldn’t resist the temptation to catch the pilot after all the hype, and I was curious to see what other teenage shenanigans CW could churn out on the west coast after heating up the east. And boy, I must say, I was pretty disappointed, ’cause 90210 reminds me of Sweet Valley High with slightly better acting and an up-to-date but not impressive as one would expect in HOLLY-freaking-WOOD wardrobe.

Call me biased, but I think from the start 90210 should never be compared to Gossip Girl. GG has definitely started on the right Louboutin-clad foot with its dynamic and gorgeous cast, and an interesting and scandalous story which yet retains the genuine personalities of the characters. Somehow 90210 is all about stereotypes, the spoiled yet beautiful blonde, the questionable but hot nonetheless BF, the new girl from some farflung suburban ‘hood, the rebellious goth-ish sidekick and the dude that hovers around to add some colour to an otherwise all-white exclusive cast. Spare us these, get out of the OC-ish mould and give us some brand-new drama. Less clothes doesn’t cut it. I gotta give 90210 some credit for the great soundtrack though…it beats GG’s hands down.

I might just give 90210 a second chance by catching a few more episodes…just to see how far sweet-as-sugar-pie Annie can rise in the shark-infested pool called West Beverly High School. I expect a lot of daggers coming her way from manipulative and vindictive Naomi Clark. But meanwhile, at least before Grey’s Anatomy returns, I shall stick to my Upper East Side slice of glamour and dirt for now.


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