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#36 Tackling Procrastination: One Day Older, But None The Wiser

September 6, 2008

If I have to use a word to describe myself for what I’ve done this weekend, it has got to be “GUILTY”. Big, bold red letters stamped across my forehead. I have slept through my alarm, conveniently forgotten my well-intended plans to study, been blogging (yeah, you caught me red-handed), listening to music, watching too much TV (Greek, The Hills, Gossip Girl, 90210..all that’s missing is McDreamy), organizing my wardrobe (aka playing dressup)….in other words, actually ENJOYING some alonetime, being my lazy self and doing nothing productive. I feel awful, but yet I feel pretty damn good. What’s going on here?

Procrastination is without a doubt a bad thing, especially if you push aside important tasks and end up rushing them out in a shoddy manner. When I keep telling myself, there’s this and that to do and yet I find myself hanging for an extra hour at the coffee joint, surfing Fabsugar and Forever21 for celebrity gossip and clothes, downloading new music to spice up my playlists, painting my toes and dancing with myself. I haven’t been exercising for nearly two months, not that it is showing anywhere, thanks to my blessed high metabolism. I am down with the most common college-kid affliction (not the flu) the procrastination-itis, and there is no cure in sight, except for a little dose of self-discipline and a wakeup call — which will come in the form of midterms, project deadlines and the finals. But meanwhile, two weeks away from the mid-semester break, it looks like the procrastination bug is here to stay, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.

Anti-procrastination Resolutions:
#1 – Stay away from my weekly dose of primetime television drama until I have completed the tasks I have set for the day.

#2 – Rethink the purpose of my surfing and UrbanOutfitters and downloading the latest hits when I have some really cutthroat competitors in my class to beat.

#3 – Wake up the moment the alarm rings, and go to bed before I am so tired I fall asleep in an awkward position that leaves a crick in my neck and a perpetual numbing sensation in my arm.

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