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#37 How NOT To Impress THAT CUTE GUY

October 3, 2008

In college, opportunities to meet new people are aplenty every single day. Even though most of the time, especially after freshman year, you have decided that despite being in college lots of people are still not worthy/intelligent/cool enough to be your friend are no longer bothered to make a conscious effort to appear friendly and mingle with people sitting beside you in the lecture hall, there are still times where you come across a really interesting fellow student of whom you are willing to give up the aloof demeanour you spend so much time to develop and perfect and practically drool and grovel to impress. Okay, fine, he probably isn’t so much of interesting than ravishingly gorgeous/foreign-accented/unbelievably athletic/endowed with multiple talents (which may or may not include beer guzzling and bragging about study abroad experiences).

I can’t help but say that I have unfortunately succumb to my inner boy-craziness and did a  complete 360° on my personality and try to impress “that cute guy” and ended up looking like a complete klutz/idiot because I didn’t watch where I was going/what I was saying. Avoid these pitfalls, unless of course, you never know, that cute guy might find your antics amusing.

5. Ask Cute Guy what his major is and judge his intelligence/personality based on that.
Yes, most people like their major enough to survive through college and eventually almost never used any of that knowledge acquired in their careers, but they don’t embrace so much that their personality mirrors it. And that is to say, a math major is not necessarily square and methodical and a sports science major may not be amazingly athletic.  Saying “Wow, so you study Psychology, can you tell what I’m thinking now?” coyly may be the only way to get away with doing this, but most likely you will be met with a strange expression followed by awkward silence, with him/her thinking “what’s wrong with this person?”.

4. NOT watch where you are going. (’cause you are too busy perfecting the “runway strut” or thinking about Cute Guy)
Falling flat on your face is uncool, not to mention utterly embarrassing and unglamorous. He may get a good laugh out of it, and unless you can get past your social mishap, you probably won’t want to talk to/see him again. And there goes the lunch date out of the window.

3. Wave enthusiastically at Cute Guy while talking to another equally, if not more, cute guy in a crowded room.
It immediately sets him thinking, is she some shallow appearance-conscious girl who flirts around with cute guys all the time? Will she be using me next to appear popular in front of others? Is she trying to show the guy up by making it known that he is not the only cute guy she knows? Guys are generally possessive, even though they are not as manipulative and definitely don’t think as much as girls do, and do not enjoy being used as trophys by girls. Doing this will score negative points for either Cute Guy.

2. Ask for his number/email address and never actually using it.
Well, the moment you did that, his ego inflated 10,000 times and he would be expecting a lot of flirtatious hints coming his way in the following days. But the truth is, you WERE into him when you asked for his number, but you chickened out after you realised what you just did. After the standard three days have passed and you have not made your move, he would be disappointed (but nonetheless still a little bit intrigued by you) and you would have missed your early bird boat. If you like him, go for it. As Blair Waldorf has wisely put, lunch is the meal before dating. *wink*

1. Declaring Your Obsession for MTV’s The Hills when asked what your fave reality show is.
Watching TV ranks really high up on most guys’ list of fave pastimes, so he would definitely know which shows are worthy of his manly attention and those that reek of bimboness. Unless he is a fan of Project Runway, Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies, he is NOT going to impress when you say that Lauren Conrad graces your television screen once every week. I still remember what happened what I said that once: the guy scrunched up his face into such a twisted, horrified, mangled expression that I was convinced that it is definitely the wrong thing to say. In fact, never ever ever ever admit you like The Hills, ever. Always maintain that it is stupid and Lauren Conrad is an attention-seeking socialite who can’t behave naturally on REALITY TV. No, scratch that, you shouldn’t even know who she is in the first place.

You are as good as you are, without being all pretentious, but try to keep the embarrassing details to yourself (for now) and keep your cool while you’re at it. So let’s go out there and impress the cuties by just being our natural selves. 🙂

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  1. mallorypaige permalink
    October 7, 2008 4:57 AM

    Ah I love your blog! Its such a fun and useful collection and im so happy I found it. I’ll definitely keep reading.

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