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#39 Corrupting Children on Campus

October 6, 2008

Midterms, plus a lot of assignments, untouched readings and project deadlines, are bound to drive any otherwise already mentally unstable college student insane. I feel faint just *thinking* about the amount of work catching up on me… to think I was doing consistently well the first two weeks, and now everything is going down down down the drain, and all I can think of is getting some and then getting a drink.

What’s a weary college student like me to do when I need some fun? This is funny, at least to me at that point in time.

Who, where, what: Friend and me in the restaurant on campus and we happened to be on some raunchy topics, as usual. 

Bored and waiting for our food to arrive, I spied a fellow diner’s little girl running around the place… cuddling onto a banana-shaped cushion from the lounge corner where they have beanbag chairs, magazines and whatnots. She’s so cute I wanted to pinch her cheeks so she’d stop squealing. For goodness sake, she’s at least 15 years too early to be on campus. (And the place sells beer on its menu!)

Little girl ran towards me, banana (cushion) in hand, and thrusted it at me with the most innocent-looking thousand-watt grin ever that’d make even a heart of steel go “Awwww…”.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the punchline at this moment,
So I said, “Looks like I wasn’t the only one into bananas.”

She smiled and squealed, grabbing the banana back from me.

I take that as a yes then.

(Note to self: Never ever bring my kid to dine on campus in future. Those college kids are always looking for new forms of entertainment.)


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