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#40 Why I’m Glad I’m Not in Business School

October 9, 2008

Being in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, I, alongside with thousands of fellow arts undergraduates, probably often feel a little inadequate, especially when students from other faculties start rattling chunks of hardcore knowledge offhandedly from their Organic Chemistry textbook, reproduce strings of Greek formulae and can actually solve complex equations, while we write papers after papers, applying possibly obsolete-by-now (2008 – the 21st century, in case you’ve forgotten — which isn’t too difficult considering if you have been reading about ideas hailing from the 1800s) theories, quoting great researchers way before our time and compiling bibliographies. Yes, the grass always seem better on the other side. They (in whichever other faculty) are going to be offered a position in a promising career semesters before they graduate and we are going to rot in pay-per-hour dead-end jobs just because, “Who needs a liberal arts major when I can have something else for the same price?”

Before you guys start throwing Marxist theory-laden eggs at me, let me emphasize again that this is just a general stereotypical perception and that I am in no way implying that liberal arts students are inferior to law, medicine, business or engineering majors. To each his/her own, really. And I am damn proud to be a social sciences (geography, to be exact) major and I am loving every minute of it (except when I have to crawl out of my cosy bed to get to morning lectures).

My conviction is further solidified when I come across these Youtube videos, marketing my university’s Business School. Trust me, this is so unfunny that you will laugh anyway just because they are SO SO shamelessly ridiculous. I am never more glad to not be studying there… where will I hide if I study abroad for a semester and people in class start showing each other these vids?

ENJOY, and don’t forget to point and laugh. (Catch your jaw, it will drop with disbelief.)

P/S: I am not even sure if some of them are really made by the marketing team of the biz school or are just parodies that look so uncannily like real TV ads.

#3 Hot girls will kiss you on the cheek passionately upon first meeting you as long as you carry the admission letter from the business school. So what are you WAITING for?!

#2 I have grades that are so damn good I can go to any university around the world, but it’s okay, I’ll stay here and take public transport to go to biz school because it’s worth it! 🙂

(Small Boy must be thinking: So much for fantastic grades… The intellect doesn’t quite translate to his actions!]

#1 WOOHOO! Screw all the Ivy League schools! Let me call all my friends and bid them farewell because… I’M GOING TO S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E!! Fwee~

(The mom wouldn’t have said the same thing about cute boys after seeing Video #2…)

I would love some feedback about this. Especially if you’re in a business school yourself.

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