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#42 Gearing Up for The Final Stretch and Beating Lazy-itis

November 10, 2008

Before you know it, the most dreaded part of the semester looms ahead in the horizon…no, it’s not presentations or hell week (although hell week is indeed, well, very hellish indeed), it’s the *gasp* FINAL exams.

Traditionally, this is the period of time when most students experience three types of emotion: panic, frustration and laziness. Panic, because obviously like the next happy-go-lucky college-is-the-best-time-of-my-life student, you still have a HUMONGOJUMBO stack of readings to plough through. Multiply that by five or six modules you are doing, and yes, you will be needing that brown bag for the overwhelming wave of nausea rising in your stomach just thinking about the exams. Frustration, because SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME! Readings, that final paper to submit, beer parties (that never seem to cease even tho the exams ARE indeed round the corner), fun stuff (like going to the movies to catch Quantum of Solace and Body of Lies) and procrastination by watching Grey’s Anatomy. Laziness, because, unless you live Down Under, this time of the year is usually shrouded in gloomy weather, be it rain, snow or thick hazy fog…the temperature drops and it’s oh-so-cozy to cuddle under your covers and sleep “just abit more”.

On top of these conflicting and very uncomfortable feelings bottled up inside you, you have to get organized, deal with everyday drama and still strut the hallways looking hot and fabulous (even though the rest of the world is already looking like what the cat dragged in… being overhyped by caffeine, nicotine and alcohol or simply so stressed that fashion goes straight out the window). What’s a college girl to do?

Trust me, all the things I’m saying, I’m feeling it. And it sure as hell does not feel good at all, what with all the acne and the sudden cravings for junk food the stress generates. But here are some ways we can *try* to combat it!

1. Dress smart and comfortable. (That means no sweatpants!)
When you look good, you feel good. Wear your fave accessory, be it your lucky scarf or the sparkly earrings, as long as it gets your mojo going. Even though it IS exam period, or mugging season, it is important to maintain some level of style, without sacrificing the much-needed comfort of course. And don’t stress over wardrobe options, since much of the world can no longer be bothered, a little more effort is all you need to look like a million dollars.

2. Stay organized, cool and hydrated.
Yeah, I know. How is one going to keep track of all the halfway-done readings, barely cracked open textbooks and overly highlighted lecture notes? Don’t shred them up yet, not at least until your last paper is over! If you haven’t already done this, buy some colorful folders, paper clips, post-its, document trays, whatever it takes to get as organized as Martha-Stewart-in-college. Get a drink (yes a real drink!) if the going gets tough, but never too drunk that you can’t get back to study schedule the next day. Yes, go ahead and watch Entourage, provided you have the luxury of time. Drink up, and I mean water this time, to fight the impending flu season that coincides with exam period.

3. Eat the books and suck it up.
It is definitely a painful experience. But since you have already come so far, that means you have undergone this whole cycle at least ten to twelve times before you got here. What is one more round of academic-induced mental torture, right? So hit da books and (wo)man it up. The competition is waiting to be decimated!

4. Sweat it out.
Don’t forget to get the blood pumping as you try to shake the stress away. Exercising releases the stressful vibes and keeps the mind and body healthy. Feeling good makes you study better, and the physical workout helps you sleep better too.

Finals, here we come. Let’s slay the competition and keep our cool at the same time.

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  1. awesomeness14 permalink
    November 26, 2008 6:56 PM

    I understand the panic before the exams lol, but right now for the first time I feel pretty confident facing the finals. I’m lucky my readings aren’t boring at all so It’s easier to concentrate.

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