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#49 The Facebook Status Paradox

December 14, 2008

Presumably, people with an extremely active personal and social life enjoy updating their Facebook status regularly so as to emphasize the fact that they are “having a life” unlike their counterparts who supposedly cannot seem to find anything interesting to broadcast to the entire Facebook community and thus do not update their status as often.

Then again, if that is the case, aren’t these people supposed to be busy: “having lots of fun today, yay!”, “going clubbing tonite with my girls”, “is gonna travel to loadz of places this vacay! cya next sem!”…

But instead they have time to update their statuses everyday, in some extreme cases, every other hour. The frequency of status updates increases when these people find a gaping empty slot in their packed-to-the-brim social calendar and have no idea how to spend their free time doing nothing, and therefore have decided to tell people that they are: “i’m so boreddd, any1 wanna hang out? juz call me!”, “is contemplating about life cuz there’s nothing else to do”, “juz came back from Prague & doesn’t feel lyk unpacking” or “bought 12 dresses and now I’ve to donate my old ones to Salvation Army”.

Why can’t people understand that NOBODY gives a rat’s ass about your status, especially when it is nothing meaningful or worth knowing about? I can understand if your status reads like: Bob “is having a fundraiser on Sunday @ XYZ Place. Do come down and join us!”, but seriously you don’t need to broadcast your lack of intellect, spelling abilities and consideration for privacy in public space by telling the whole world about the intricate and somewhat scintillating details about your life.

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