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#53 A Brand New Year Begins…and Here We Go Again!

January 2, 2009

2008 has been a wonderful year for me, having survived through half of my sophomore year in university, meeting my college sweetheart, maintaining old friendships and taking the initiative to embark on challenging experiences. I did not fulfil any of my new year resolutions, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…because I have realised that you can’t force yourself to alter your lifestyle overnight or over a few weeks, and being a college student just makes sleeping before midnight, eating healthily, and exercising often and regularly really hard (near to the point of impossibility), especially when greater temptations in the form of late night outings, junk food and opportunities to laze and not budge are aplenty and abound. (Yeah, excuses, I know. But I’m sure you can relate as well.)

The past year has its good, bad and ugly. The good: Obama being elected as the first black/coloured/African American (I don’t know which adjective to use to sound un-racist) president of America and Britney Spears’ comeback. The bad: The prevailing economic crisis which is only going to hang around for a couple more months ahead of us and Heath Ledger’s passing. The ugly: The terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and attacks by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden (off the coast of Somalia, south of Yemen). In any case, life is generally going to be the same-old-same-old for the good ol’ college student, so let’s just hang in there for another semester of never-ending piles of readings, incoherent professors and annoying project groupmates.

Having spent a meaningful New Year’s Day morning watching the sunrise with my manfriend, I’m more than ready to embrace the new year with an optimistic outlook and my undying spirit for adventure and fun. I am determined to be more open when it comes to meeting new people, more diligent when it comes to learning new things and more appreciative to my loved ones.

I believe this year is going to be a whole new experience for me, since I’ll be embarking on student exchange in less than a week, and I’ll be spending nearly half a year in Hong Kong. I hope to spend the summer either travelling in China/Southeast Asia/Europe (I haven’t decided) or completing a summer internship. Following which, I will begin my junior year/year three in university, where I will finally meet up with some of my guy friends who will only just be entering college (boohoo) in September.

For those of you who are still hellbent on creating new year resolutions, go read my article on Your Guide To Writing The Perfect Set of New Year Resolutions. If not, I will really encourage to go along with what your heart wants to do, stop being such a workaholic/conservative/uptight anal-retentive person and live it up, because there’s no time like now to start pursuing your desires and dreams! Happy New Year 2009!

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