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#59 Stay Unproductively Productive This Summer!

June 20, 2009

What’s a girl to do when she does not have an internship (oh, blame the economy!), nor a summer program to attend? Especially after a semester abroad filled with adventures, parties and fun/strange encounters, nothing is ever going to top that, unless I can win the lottery and go backpack around Europe.

Not that I’m NOT fretting. But nothing to do might just be the very thing I need, to wind down from the excitement, to reflect on what I’ve done (and not done) and to rethink about my future (a nicer way of saying ‘mope about my impending doom’).

If I could, I would book the first flight out and laze in the sun on a sunny beach in Thailand…but no, I’m just stuck at home and I’m not about to spend this summer working a 9-to-5 minimum-wage job.

While the economy is in the dumps, and while I spend my days dreaming about a Roman Holiday, what can I do, besides sleeping 18 hours a day and waiting for my Kenting tan to fade away?

Pick up a new language!
I mean, my dream of backpacking in Europe is going to come true! By hook, or by crook. So why not prepare for it by learning a European language or two? Or fulfil your spy fantasy by picking up something exotic!  Konichiwa!

Read a book!
Okay, I practically didn’t read anything except my notes right before the finals (very reluctantly, in fact). So this is a good time to put some brain cells back into my head and curl up with a nice book.

Work out!
I bet I’m not the only one who has neglected to exercise, whether you are too busy studying or partying over the last semester. And you’re regretting it now because you NEED that bikini bod to soak up the summer sunshine! Better late than never, there’s always next summer…or if you are fit enough, the last rays of this summer are for you to catch!

Meet up with an old friend.
What are friends for? More importantly, what are old friends for? Besides reminiscing about old times and harping over old crushes, you can reconnect and make plans to go shopping, ogle at cute boys at the coffee joint or a short holiday!

Go on a holiday!
Well, I’ve been dreaming about this one. And hopefully, before summer winds down to an end, I can make it happen. Six more weeks to go!

Well, if I can achieve at least 3 out of 5, I’d at least be a advanced beginner in a new spiffy language, have a bodalicious physique to fit into all the back-to-school outfits, AND a funny vacation story to tell!

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