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#61 Cautionary Notes from a Disgruntled Senior to the Freshman

August 30, 2009

Freshman year can seem like a total playground. Especially after the harrowing studying sessions during GCSE A-Levels and for the local boys, 2 years of military service in the army. You can wear whatever you want, have complete ownership of your timetable and freedom, including whether you actually want to go to class or not, and when you can have lunch or dessert or a quick nap in your room at the halls of residence. But seriously, to be a freshman, you have to be at least 18 years old, so the least you could do is act like a grown-up, if that is too much to ask at least more responsible than the average teenager. By some stroke of genius or luck, you have earned yourself a place at university, so cherish this opportunity, and behave like a true college student.

It wasn’t a long time ago when I was fresh-faced and stumbling into the wrong tutorial rooms more often than I could count. Me getting lost on an unfamiliar campus wasn’t a distant memory, but one thing is for sure, I sure didn’t remember myself acting like a complete single brain-cell obnoxious little brat coming straight from preschool, oops I meant, pre-university. The rules are actually pretty simple, and not anything that we as students haven’t heard or seen before. Pay respect to whoever is speaking up front, or keep quiet at least, and try not to show the whole world what a nuisance you are.

So, yes, as a senior who has to sit through two introductory classes brimming with still-blue-in-the-face freshies, here is some advice for you before somebody gets annoyed enough and dumps hot coffee onto your newly-wrapped shiny textbooks bought at full price at the co-op.

#1 Take your conversation outside the lecture theatre.
Seriously, nobody cares about what you have to say, especially when everyone else is trying to concentrate on the more important things the professor is saying.

#2 Get off Facebook, MSN or what-have-you.
If you can’t stand being away from the Internet and all its vices for a mere two hours to sit quietly and concentrate on a lecture, then you don’t belong there.

#3 Quit groaning about the lecture material.
Of course it is difficult. Who ever said it’s gonna be easy? If you’re looking for easy, then maybe a minimum-wage job will suit you just well. If not, suck it up, and do your work. Now, wait for your brain cells to multiply, and it’ll all become easier…in time to come.

#4 Please, no cliquey big-group gatherings in the middle of nowhere.
I know you have just found your BFFs (oh joy to the world!) in your orientation week camps and activities. But that doesn’t give you and your 20 best friends the right to block up half of the hallway, or the cafeteria, so that you guys can catch up, squeal and talk about how cute the seniors are.

#5 Dress like a college student.
I know, there is no standard manual to say what you should or shouldn’t wear. And you’re only too happy to wear something other than a drabby uniform to school. But please, dragging your heels in ugly flipflops (the kind you only wear in shower stalls) or (heaven forbid) Crocs, and ill-fitting ensembles are going to make school doubly awful for everyone who has to cross your path. And for the beauty queens, you can also give your high heels a break (pun intended) and leave them at home. Let the hunks come to you, for your intelligence and not the superficial.

If only The Freshman would listen.
(But as you know, in a few weeks’ time, the seniors would be too busy to give half a hoot.)

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  1. August 30, 2009 10:17 AM

    Well said and funny! I like. 😀

  2. generationznow permalink
    October 15, 2009 6:41 PM

    Good advice. Do you have any tips for picking the “right university” for a soon-to-be college student? Ive been using for some insight…

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