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#63 Catching Up on College Gossip

October 20, 2009


Talk about the roommate from HELL…good luck, Blair!

Yes, I have a test tomorrow, but nothing like the here and now that is oh-so-conducive for the all-time favourite pasttime of all college students — procrastination! And no better way to waste precious time than to ogle at our precious babies Blair, Georgina, Vanessa and Dan tackle the halls of NYU.

Last season’s Gossip Girl was filled with intoxicated days and nights of debauchery, deceit and defiance. If you are an ardent fan of GG like me, you would have spent a night or two out partying and wishing you had the beautiful life of Serena, drowning your sorrows (of having to finish yet another term paper by the following week) in daiquiris and crystal flutes of cabernet sauvignon. Blair was all claws out, showing us every cruel trick in her book and driving everyone insane being the control freak that she was, correction, she still is.

This season, it seems like cupids descended onto New York City with the chilly winds of mid-fall as everyone started locking lips with their latest love interests, and you thought hey, isn’t that great that everyone’s happy in love? Except it’s not. (Especially the part where Georgina and Dan xxx-ed, ugh, right? And I don’t like that girl with Nate, who’s with me?)

Gossip Girl may be full of hot people, hot (fake) gossip and hot air, but there are times when they actually get a few things right…about college! I really love the parts when Serena and Rufus could sit down and have a good chat — teaches young people to have a decent heart-to-heart conversation with their parents, no? — and when Serena and Blair do the whole “best friends forever” hug — I really enjoy watching the two of them together.

Hopefully Serena will straighten her thoughts out this season, maybe she won’t. (I can see she’s doing the whole Marissa Cooper thing.) But what’s with the good-boy transformation of Chuck Bass anyway? Chuck Bass doesn’t DO good boys. And I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling creeped out by first Georgina Sparks, and now Olivia Burke? Whatever it is, Gossip Girl is keeping me happy when I can live my ideal college life vicariously looking at all the pretty clothes and cool parties…until my next procrastination break, fellow gossip girls. 😉

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  1. November 18, 2009 4:49 PM

    Gossip Girl is brilliant..but a huge distraction. Sad thing is I’ll pick it over homework any day!

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