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#65 I’m not being a bitch, just a prudent Facebooker

November 22, 2009

How many Facebook friends do you have? 105? 587? 1,834?

The number of Facebook friends you have, as you should know by now, does not indicate how popular you are. Of course, I know of some really cool, friendly folks whom I believe are capable of making friends from shore to shore, who really live up to their 2,345 friends as posted on their profile page. But I am not that person. When I make friends, I’m…picky prudent. Yes, prudent! We may have chatted once or twice in our lifetime, but that does NOT in any way make us friends. Sure, we may be acquaintances. But I’m sure one day, three years down the road, I saunter down High Street in New York, and you happen to be coming right at me the opposite direction, you will walk right past me as though I am a wall of glass. You don’t recognise me. Because I don’t mean anything in your life. That, is the cruel truth. That, I can manage. Because we are both truthful to each other. Not everyone’s meant to be best friends forever, or scratch that, at least leave some meaningful shared memories to reminisce about. I can live with that.

What has been bothering me for the longest time is that I have 300+ friends on Facebook, but I probably only talk to 5% of those people on a regular basis. The rest? Who knows. Some of them I haven’t even met in the past 10 years of my life (grade/primary school classmates), and even more unfortunately I HAVE seen some of the people* around campus, and they don’t even recognise me, or think I am worth 2 calories of their energy to wave and say hi.

What is this supposed to mean? Are we friends? Not really. Then why are you on my facebook list of friends? I’m sorry. I don’t feel entirely comfortable that you get to browse at my private photos (although there aren’t anything private about them, really) in your own free time, or use my profile page, relationship status, hobbies, mutual friend list etc, as gossip fodder for your next “Bitches Night Out” sleepover with your posse/minions.

I told myself that I can no longer be an uninformed internet user. I cannot put myself at risk, showing my private information to people I don’t really know about. We may have crossed paths at some point in our lives, but I hate to break this to you, we are not friends.

If you want to poke your nose into my life, earn that right. Come up to me and say hello. And then, we can negotiate something.

*This does not apply to the occasional bad day where you don’t feel like saying hi. I mean, people who consistently ignore my existence.

P/S: If you think I am just spouting smoke, I just removed 60 people from my Facebook list. (Oops, I hope I didn’t accidentally delete your name.)

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  1. November 24, 2009 1:42 PM

    I’m totally in agreement about this, and find myself doing routine cleanings of my “friends” list. It’s also kind of creepy to know taht someone I’ve only talked to a few times can find out everything about me.

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