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Movie Review: Elvis and Anabelle

May 2, 2010

Long before Serena met her Dan, the beautiful blonde princess and the raven-haired moody homeboy combination has already graced the silver screen, if only just briefly. It seemed like this is a winning formula for a bittersweet (and somehow tragic) love story.

A lot of us watch Gossip Girl and know her as the gorgeous Serena Van der Woodsen. But before she shot to super stardom, she was cast in a little-known independent film that didn’t make it to theatrical release. She is Anabelle, a beauty queen who snuffs it during a pageant, and meets the thoughtful mortician’s son on the embalming table…

In Elvis and Anabelle, you get to see Blake as a southern belle version of Serena, a little flakey, headstrong, presumptuous and bogged down with issues. Same blonde locks, same acting style, similar dialogue that lacks intellectual substance, pretty similar temperament I must say, just a different place. And Elvis, played by Max Minghella, is a darker rendition of Dan Humphreywith a little edge and sass.

The best part about this is that Elvis WRITES STORIES, talks about philosophical stuff, reminisces about his mom, lives with his dad and trying to get by…until he met Anabelle, of course. And his life started to change… Blake fans, you’d want to watch this. Gather some friends, throw in a drinking game where you drink everytime you spot a Gossip Girl-esque similarity, and that would add some pizazz to your viewing pleasure.

I must say, the cinematography and editing is indeed lacklustre (the scene transition was a real tragedy here), but what the film lacks in technical refinement, the little nuances and romantic moments portrayed by Elvis and Anabelle make up for it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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