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#74 Gear Your Brain Up for Finals Week

November 17, 2010

Finals week is rolling around, just as the golden brown leaves are falling (not here, sadly) and the monsoon winds are sweeping us off our feet. Swap out those precious suede loafers with waterproof boots, put on your comfy hoodie and huddle in your room, so we can all desperately devour the piles of readings we have always meant to start on but still look spanking new as the final examinations loom ominously in the very very near future.

Even though most of us do not have the luxury to dine out at decent restaurants, or have our very personal sous chef, yeah the life of a poor college student, and now that we have to bury our heads in books and papers, it doesn’t mean we should throw our healthy diets out of the window. In fact, all the more we should pamper our taste buds, treat our bodies like holy temples and feed ourselves healthy wholesome brain food in preparation for the battlefield also known as the evil exam hall.

Eat up your greens!

I am a great fan of vegetables. They are refreshing, full of vitamins and antioxidants and everything you need to fuel your brain up for the impending battle! Not only are they good for the brain, veggies give your hair a shiny sheen and help clear up your complexion of all the stress acne! Just what you need to be both smart and sparkly when you walk into that exam hall! Reach for raisins and almonds for a study break snack; enjoy stir-fry bak choy with mushrooms and hoisin sauce with rice for lunch; and have a tomato, ham and cheese (with lots of lettuce and onions!) for a light dinner.

Drink up!

Water not only increases your energy but soothes your jangled nerves from all the exam stress! Stay away from alcohol now…even though all that studying just makes me want to reach for an ice-cold refreshing beer in the sometimes stifling afternoon heat. Gulp down loads of water, because it’s like gasoline for your brain and body, and drinking all that coffee to help you stay awake is only going to dehydrate you more! (‘Cause coffee is a diuretic). Try not to have sugary drinks because having a ‘sugar high’ can only make you more annoyed, stressed out, irritable and worst of all, sleepy! Best bets are fresh orange, tomato and carrot juices, flavoured milk (because plain old milk is for five-year olds :p) and our trusty plain water!

Fried food = fried brain cells!

This is the part where you need to exercise some self-control, young Padawan! For me, I never have a problem with fried food, processed food, junk food, because I never really quite like the artificial and “unhealthy” gritty taste of them all. (Except for sugary doughnuts — my soft spot.) Plus fried food always makes me high-strung and gives me rashes and acne, so I have learnt the hard way to stay away from them…

Even if you are blessed with a great tolerance for the evils of friedness, remember that the toxins will only accumulate in your body! Let’s not go into the potential health risks of eating these things. Unfortunately they also smell and taste oh-so-good. But for the sake of staying fit, perky and fresh-faced, just walk away and bite on a juicy apple instead.

In any case, my appetite has increased three-fold ever since the stress levels start to escalate! But as long as I load myself up with healthy options, I will sail through these tough times and I can pat myself on my back saying that I didn’t succumb to brain-frying bad food!  ♥

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