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Your Guide To Watching Bad Movies No More

Your Guide To Watching Bad Movies No More

I have seen one too many bad movies. Movies that make me grimace, wince, cringe, shiver in disgust, shrink into the seat, shut my eyes and simply walk out of the theater. I am sure it has happened to you before too. It is especially painful if you shelled out nearly 10 bucks for the movie. And you wasted a perfectly tasty bucket of buttered popcorn when it sucked so much you can’t even taste the popcorn anymore.Thankfully, I have managed to avoid more film choice disasters than I have encountered them in recent times, so I’ve decided to be kind enough to spread da movie-buff lurve and come up with 5 simple steps to follow to a (nearly) surefire way of settling for a good, almost Oscar-worthy flick.

# 5 Refer to movie critic/database websites like IMDB, Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes.
I’m surprised how many so people just go to the theater, look at what’s showing and join the queue based on either which movie is available or if the movie poster is appealing enough or if their favourite actors are starring in. (Actually I am one of these people :P)  Big mistake. This is a surefire way to end up watching something less than satisfactory, especially because you already harboured such high expectations for it.

#4 Ask around your friends, siblings and schoolmates
If the movie is a sensational hit, it is likely most of the people around you have already seen or at least heard about it. Sure, everyone has different views about the same movie, but after a while of getting to know them, you would know whose opinion to trust and whose to check AGAINST. 😉

#3 Find out what kind of movies you TOTALLY CAN’T STAND
Everyone has a particular genre they hate. Like totally utterly hate, and wouldn’t watch it even if they are paid to do so. For me, I don’t like cartoon movies and generally avoid horror and comedy. Some abhor movies that have a lot of dialogue, some dislike lame and shallow chick flicks. So figure out your taste and you will never go wrong again.

#2  Go for the award-winning films
I love independent, arthouse films so Sundance Film Festival is my choice. I suggest going for the international big ones like the OscarsCannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. For the Chinese film buffs, go for the Golden Horse Film Festival . Even if you are entirely unsure if you’d like the show, you can at least be assured that professional critics and industry insiders have already endorsed and given the show a thumbs-up.

#1 Fly solo
How many times have you compromised on your movie taste just because your friend likes something you will never be caught dead watching? Politely decline if you really don’t feel like watching the movie, and watch what you want, alone. Yes, alone. No, it’s not as scary as you think. What’s scary is getting trapped in a cold dark room full of strangers (except your friend) with a horrible show playing on the huge screen before your eyes.

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  1. August 6, 2008 2:48 PM

    I work in a convenience store and we rent out movies. I get asked for my opinion a lot… and cringe when people rent the stupid movies that are absolute garbage (I’m thinking of anything with Larry the Cable Guy in it). I always read movie reviews and see what new releases have gotten rated at IMDB. The numbers don’t lie.
    People seem more confident in my suggestion and their choice when I say “it got great reviews”.
    Great article!

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